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Long Form Content Writing Services

At Content Writing UK, we provide the best long-form writing services that captivate readers, deliver comprehensive information, and establish your brand’s authority. Our skilled team of writers excels in crafting long-form content, such as e-books, whitepapers, and comprehensive guides, that go beyond the surface level and provide in-depth insights. We understand long-form content requires meticulous research, impeccable writing skills, and a structured approach. With our long-form writing services, we check the intricacies of your chosen topics, ensuring that every piece of content is informative, engaging, and valuable to your target audience. Trust us to deliver exceptional long-form content that educates, inspires, and positions your brand as an industry leader. Experience the impact of long-form writing that captivates readers, drives engagement, and amplifies your brand’s influence.

Long Form Content Writing Services

Services Feature

Our service feature is centred around delivering outstanding long-form writing solutions that provide comprehensive and valuable content to your audience. Here’s what sets our service apart:  

In-depth Research and Analysis:

Long-form writing requires a solid, in-depth research and analysis foundation. Our service feature focuses on conducting thorough research to gather the right and up-to-date information. We dive deep into the subject matter, examining multiple perspectives and sources to ensure our content is well-researched, credible, and insightful. By combining meticulous research with expert analysis, we create long-form content that comprehensively understands the topic and provides true value to your readers.  

Engaging and Informative Content:

Our service feature emphasises creating long-form, engaging and informative content. We understand that long-form content requires a balance between providing detailed information and supporting reader engagement. Our writers can present complex ideas clearly and compellingly, using storytelling techniques, engaging narratives, and captivating language. By delivering content that is not only informative but also engaging, we capture the attention of your audience, drive their interest, and keep them invested in your brand.  

With our service feature, you can expect long-form, meticulously researched, engagingly written, and focused on providing comprehensive insights. Experience the difference of working with a service that understands the importance of in-depth research and captivating content in creating long-form pieces that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand’s authority.


How Can We Help?

Our long-form writing services empower you to deliver comprehensive, well-researched, and engaging content that establishes your brand’s authority and captivates your audience.

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Our Pricing Plans

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The Essentials

£ 500 Per Article
  • Up to 2,000 words
  • Topic Research: We'll help you identify a topic that aligns with your brand and audience.
  • Keyword Research: Basic keyword research to help your content rank on search engines.
  • One Draft Review: One round of revisions based on your feedback.
  • SEO Optimized:All articles will be optimised for SEO with proper headers and meta descriptions.
  • Plagiarism Check: All articles will be checked for plagiarism using state-of-the-art software.
  • High-Quality Images: Up to 3 royalty-free images to complement the text.

The Engager

£ 900 Per Article
  • Up to 4,000 words
  • All Basic Package Services plus:
  • Competitor Analysis: We'll analyse up to 3 of your top competitors for content strategy.
  • Two Draft Reviews: Two rounds of revisions based on your feedback.
  • Enhanced SEO: Advanced on-page SEO techniques, including keyword density optimisation.
  • Social Media Snippets: Custom-made snippets for sharing the article on social media platforms.
  • Internal and External Links: We'll include internal links to your existing content and reputable external sources to add value.
  • Priority Support: Faster response times for queries and concerns.

The Authority

£ 1500 Monthly
  • Up to 6,000 words
  • All Standard Package Services plus:
  • In-depth Market Research: A deep dive into the market to create content that sets you apart as an industry leader.
  • Unlimited Revisions: Unlimited rounds of revisions until you are completely satisfied.
  • Video Summary: A 1-2 minute video summary of the article for sharing on multimedia platforms.
  • Expert Interviews: We'll include quotes or contributions from relevant experts in your field.
  • Content Promotion: We'll help you promote the article across various platforms, including outreach for backlinks.
  • Post-publishing Analytics Report: After one month, we'll provide a performance report of the article detailing views, engagement, and rankings.

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Content Writing UK has been instrumental in transforming our website. Their content is engaging, well-written, and has significantly boosted our online presence.

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Working with Content Writing UK has been a game-changer for our blog. Their articles are informative, well-researched, and have helped us attract a broader audience.

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